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How to care of your shiny new bike

Once you have purchased the shiny new bike, that is only the first step to setting out on the open road. There are an abundance of important motorcycle accessories that every biker should have in his or her arsenal. Some accessories are strictly for safety, while others are necessary for comfort and convenience. This short guide will assist you in selecting the right accessories to accompany your shiny new road toy.

Depending on your location, the roads you travel and the driving conditions, you should have some form of reflective apparel or gear on your bike or person to help you appear more visible to other motor vehicles. Whether you choose to wear a reflective vest or add some tape to your bike, increasing your visibility exponentially increases your level of safety while on the road. Protective eyewear is an often overlooked motorcycle gear accessory, but it is imperative for your safety. Not only do eyewear kits reduce glare and fog, they also protect against any unpredictable smoke and flying debris you may encounter while on the open road. A changeable eyewear kit is a versatile tool for protecting your eyes and increasing your visibility. A motorcycle airbag jacket acts in the exact same way as an airbag in a car.

If you are ever in an accident, the jacket pockets will fill up with air to protect your body’s most vulnerable parts. The only differences between a car air bag and a motorcycle airbag jacket are how the unit is deployed and what chemical compound is utilized to inflate the airbag cushions. A basic bandanna should also be in every biker’s accessory arsenal. Not only is a bandanna versatile for preventing your head from getting a sunburn, it can also be tied in many different ways to prevent dirt from getting in your nose and mouth on a dirt trail. With the right motorcycle accessories, you can set out for a day on the open road and will be prepared for any conditions you may encounter.

Look for accessories that combine the benefits of increasing both your safety and your comfort. You may also like to read

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