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Which is better, Kia Stonic or Seat Arona

Kia Stonic or Seat Arona

Space, mechanical range, prices, and equipment under review. Which one wins the game?

Which is better, Kia Stonic or Seat Arona? What a question we just asked. Both one and the other are SUVs with good arguments to compete in the B-SUV segment, one of the most interesting in the market. But as in such a competitive field every detail counts, we will analyze the sections in which they stand out. Space, mechanical range, prices, and equipment under review. Which one wins the game?

Which is better, Kia Stonic or Seat Arona

SpaceKia Stonic or Seat Arona

The Kia Stonic leaves us a body of 4,140 mm in length, 1,760 mm. of width and 1,520 mm. Tall. In addition, it offers 2,580 mm of battle. The Seat Arona, on the other hand, has a length of 4,138 mm, a height of 1,552 mm and a width of 1,780 mm, while the wheelbase reaches 2,566 mm. Numbers almost traced.

The bodies of the Kia Stonic and Seat Arona share measurements, with a closed length, a similar width, and a close height. This would make us intuit at first that the spaces will be similar and that the trunk will also bring them closer. Quite the opposite. The trunk leaves us the first big difference, finding that the South Korean can offer with this body a trunk of 352 liters while the Seat Arona reaches up to 400 liters.


Kia Stonic or Seat Arona

The Seat Arona mounts the latest developments in terms of equipment of the brand. The Spanish offer the driver dead angle detection system and cross traffic alert, 8-inch touch screen with Seat Full Link connectivity. rear view camera, city braking assistant, hill start assistant and cruise control. The Kia Stonic is not far behind and stands out for a technological section that benefits from active safety such as electronic stability control or vector torque control by braking. In addition, as with the Martorell SUV, it has a state-of-the-art multimedia system. Continue Reading-5 TIPS TO KEEP YOUR CAR IN TOP CONDITION

Mechanical range

Kia Stonic or Seat Arona

If we analyze the mechanical range of these small SUVs, we realize that the Seat Arona is richer. In its petrol options, we find three supercharged engines, a 1.0 EcoRI tricyclic with 95 and 115 HP and a 1.5 EcoRI of four cylinders and 150 HP. The diesel versions assemble the 1.6 TDI four-cylinder block with 95 and 115 HP of power. The South Korean sells two gasoline versions with powers of 84 and 120 hp and another diesel with 110 hp, a more limited offer.

Where little has to offer both models is in traction systems, because they are limited to push with the front. Of course, the engines of the Seat Arona are available both with the five-and six-ratio manual gearbox, and automatic double-clutch DSG with seven speeds. The DCT automatic transmission will soon arrive at the Kia Stonic, although it is not yet available.


Kia Stonic or Seat Arona

In terms of spaces, it seems to convince the Seat Arona, the same thing that happens if we talk about the mechanical offer. In equipment, the Kia Stonic does not fear the competition, something that also happens in aesthetic section. At the time of scratching the pocket the South Korean seems to win the game, because in similar motorizations, putting as a reference a gasoline mechanic between 115 and 120 HP, its price is about 700 euros cheaper.

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