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Materials used to create our roads.

Roads in the UK are usually made of one of two materials – tarmac or concrete. Both of these materials are chosen for their durability and their strength. Tarmac is slightly harder to work with as it requires the mixing of aggregates with hot tar, whereas concrete is made from mixing cement, aggregates and water at room temperature.

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Tarmac can be difficult to replace when it cracks, and concrete can be slightly easier as it can be made in smaller quantities and doesn’t usually involve taking up large areas. Issues that occur with roads are commonplace and can include cracking, sinking and potholes.

Potholes can be a real issue for drivers and they can lead to damage to a number of areas of cars, such as the tyres and the alloys. An Alloy Repair Gloucester company such as can help repair these.

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When it comes to choosing the right material for road construction, the road workers will take into account a number of factors that include the size of the road, the speed the cars and vehicles will be travelling down the road, and the level of noise that is acceptable in that area. Other issues such as whether the area is subject to flood will also be taken into consideration. Tarmac is usually made in larger batches than concrete, and it is harder to transport, so this will also be a factor in deciding what to use on a road surface.

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