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The Triumph Stag. The forgotten classic car

The Triumph Stag is not a car that inspires the same awe as classics like a Jaguar or an Aston Martin, but it should be. Like all UK manufacturers, Triumph was under the banner of the British Leyland Group. The UK car industry was nationalised. In other words, it was owned by the Government, which meant that its workers were in the public sector rather than the private sector. This usually meant dull, drab designed cars. With the Stag, Triumph tried to make a Sports tourer that would look good on the road and challenge foreign makers. They used the services of the Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti to add some flair.

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The Stag is quite a popular choice for classic car ownership. However, it does need to have a bit of extra protection, and that could come from CCTV Installation Gloucester based company This will act as a good deterrent to a car thief.

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For the first time, it seemed that a British car could compete with the large German makers like BMW and Mercedes. It was fast, smooth and soon got the reputation of the car of the ageing playboy. To further that idea, Triumph planned to merge it with the TR7 and create the Lynx. There is a large following for the car with several owners clubs both international and within the UK. They are a regular favourite whenever classic car clubs assemble for a meet.

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