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How to Hire a Good Truck Driver

There are many factors to consider when hiring a new truck driver. Recruiting costs can make or break your company’s hiring budget. Here are some factors to consider: Qualifications, training requirements, and Interview questions. It would be best if you also considered the industry – companies hauling hazardous materials would likely require more training and experience than those general hauling goods.  Read on to learn more about truck driver recruiting – how to hire truck drivers.


An efficient truck driver is capable of communicating with people professionally. They can work effectively with the supervisor while keeping all stakeholders updated on the situation. Practical communication skills are another requirement for a truck driver. A good truck driver can think quickly, consider various factors, and exhibit appropriate judgment in a timely fashion. 

To be a great truck driver, a person should possess a CDL and have completed driving school. However, a CDL is not enough – a good truck driver should have at least a high school diploma. Furthermore, some trucking companies require endorsements, such as Hazmat or tanker. These endorsements can help the driver to perform well on the job. Finally, a good truck driver should also have experience.

Training requirements

Hiring a good truck driver requires a few basic steps. First, a trucking company should have a truck driver training course. This course helps new truck drivers acquire necessary driving skills and understand the safety regulations of the state and employer. The new driver should also know routes and equipment and the requirements to operate a commercial vehicle. On-the-job training is also crucial for new truck drivers. It allows them to fine-tune their skills in different road conditions and learn the ropes of operating a manual tractor transmission.

For example, if your company has routes throughout other countries, your drivers’ training process should comply with the regulations in the foreign country. Kirkwood Community College’s truck driver training program is nationally recognized. In addition to hosting job fairs, you should invite local transportation companies to serve on panels and provide training to students. After all, this will give your company a better chance of attracting top talent.

Interview questions

You will be asked about your motivations and strengths in an interview. It’s best to avoid blatant boasting and give an honest answer. It would be best if you were candid about any past setbacks you had to overcome. This will give an employer insight into how you will handle similar challenges in the future. Be prepared for these tough questions. You can prepare yourself by conducting role-plays with friends or family members.

While it’s essential to get a feel for the candidate’s personality, be professional and courteous in your questions. Your goal is to hire a qualified truck driver, so you want to clearly understand their work experience, endorsements, and total compensation requirements. At the same time, you want to show that you’re personable and willing to develop a relationship with the driver. A strong interviewer will learn as much about the candidate as possible through conversation.

Company value proposition

Your company’s value proposition must be compelling enough to attract quality truck drivers and help you differentiate yourself from the competition. When writing your advertisement, convey your value proposition in a clear, concise, and eye-catching way. Try using visual images to give the pain points of a good truck driver. Avoid using generic phrases or using too many platitudes. Remember, a good driver is only interested in a new job that solves a problem at their current employer and provides them with the benefits they want.

Make sure your trucker feels appreciated and respected. Be respectful and civil in the interview and during the first few weeks of employment. If you’re not, it will only get worse. Also, make sure you have an effective communication system. A good trucker has little time to send long texts or visit the payroll office to resolve issues. Some companies rely on drivers’ laziness and don’t want them to investigate errors.

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