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How to care for electric bike batteries

As with normal bikes, electric bikes need maintenance to ensure they run properly; in fact, care and maintenance is even more important with electric bikes, as you are dealing with a battery in addition to all the other components such as the bodywork that has been designed and created using incredible knowledge, skills, and machinery such as the Euromac Electric Press Brakes. Here is some advice about what you should do to care for your electronic bike battery.

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Charging your battery

Keeping your lithium battery charged is very important. Discharging it completely diminishes its potential and it may not hold a charge as efficiently as before, resulting in it needing to be replaced prematurely. It is recommended that you keep your battery charge at between 20 and 80 per cent to avoid damage. If you accidentally drain your battery, make sure you charge it as soon as possible. It is also important not to leave the battery charging unsupervised for long periods of time.

Maintaining your battery

When using an electric bike, it is essential that you keep your battery as clean and dry as possible. Most batteries, such as the Odyssey PC680 starter battery, need regular cleaning to maintain top performance. The contacts on a battery should be kept dry and clean to avoid corrosion and oxidisation. Once the battery has experienced corrosion, it will not work as efficiently. You should routinely check your battery and use an emery cloth to clean away any corrosion.

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Keeping your battery cool

As with car batteries and other vehicle batteries, bike batteries perform better when they are warmer. We all know how problematic it can be to get a vehicle started during a cold snap, with bikes no different. The lithium powder decreases its resistance the warmer the battery gets; ultimately, you will be able to travel further on warmer days.

When storing your battery, it is recommended that you find somewhere cool to better maintain the battery and prolong its life; you should be able to maintain a charge when resistance is greater. If leaving for a long time, store at 80 per cent charge to cause minimal discharge. When using your battery remember to make sure you warm it up to room temperature before charging; otherwise, you can damage the battery.

Health and safety

Never open an electric battery; lithium is highly flammable. Leave it to the professionals.

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