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Campervan cooking guide

Cooking in a campervan has its limitations: space being the biggest one. However, camping has moved on from those freezing, uncomfortable days spent trying to keep dry and warm around a fire. With glamping – or posh camping – taking over from more traditional (and punishing) experiences, there’s no excuse not to cook a three-course meal while out in the wild. While you may not bother with many other luxuries, a decent meal should be a top priority.

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There are many stoves and grills available that will make cooking a doddle. If you are at a site with mains supply at each pitch you could take a microwave along with you for quick convenience food. Do your research if you know where you are staying. If there are pit fires available and barbeques you can reflect this in your menu choices. Otherwise, get yourself a gas canister and a stove, one ring or even three, depending on how ambitious you feel.
If the weather is hot and you have food items that will spoil you need to consider how often you are prepared to shop and whether you need to invest in a camping cooler. Look for farms selling local produce in the area so you can eat fresh food while travelling. Your repertoire may be limited if you cannot access a supermarket or food stalls and markets and if you have nowhere to keep food cool; beans may frequently appear on the menu for Campers if this is the case!  Also get yourself some garage shelving available from sites like


Fishing is a must beside the seaside. Catch your own food and enjoy eating back at your site.  Although, if the fishing expedition has been less successful, then make sure you have a few emergency cans of tuna on hand!

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If you fancy a good walk why not try foraging for something to eat? There’s plenty of food available in nature if you know where to find it. Bring a guidebook with you to ensure that your foraging finds are all edible. Blackcurrants and other wild fruit can make a great dessert. If you are confident with identifying fungi, some rice and stock will make a tasty risotto, with only one pot needed!

So, why not try out some new cuisines on your next campervan holiday?

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