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How to reduce the running costs of work vehicles

If you run a construction company or any company that uses vehicles to deliver large numbers of items such as the work carried out by couriers, you may find that you spend a large amount of your business income on the vehicles that are needed. There are wats in which you can help to reduce the running costs of business vehicles and all of these should be followe dup with a conversation wth your Bookkeeping Chippenham company such as to see if you are claiming all the expenses that are allowed in your end of year financial return.

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Fuel efficiency and use accounts for 19 percent of the cost of ownership of a car, but by rational route allocation and driver actions, there are ways to boost fuel economy. Up-to-date traffic information fitting systems can assist drivers to find a less congested path, ensuring less time idling in traffic. By ensuring the underperforming drivers have up-to-date training to enhance their performance, reducing the amount of instances of harsh braking, speeding and idling will make a big difference to fuel economy.

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A lot of wasted fuel can be avoided by looking after your work vehicles. Fitting the correct tyres and maintaining them at the right pressure will reduce fuel costs by 15 percent . Cleaning out or removing air and oil filters periodically and ensuring that the engine is properly tuned would increase the vehicle’s overall operating costs and protection.

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