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Four Car Technology Innovations Of The Past Decade

No matter where you are in the world, there is one thing you cannot avoid and that is the fact that the automotive world has come a long way and is continuing to develop rapidly. Cars have significantly improved over the years and manufacturers are looking to deliver better-performing models regularly. From seatbelts to automatic parking and everything in between, technology in cars keeps getting better and more advanced. When manufacturers sell cars, they focus on the newest additions and latest specifications that are built into the vehicle. Here are some of the best technological breakthroughs in the automobile industry in the past 10 years, courtesy of


Fast Charging

Electric Vehicles or EVs have become increasingly popular across the world and they are continuing to develop as we speak. Many of the available manufacturers today are looking to the future and are producing or planning to produce high-powered electric cars that can be easily comparable to some of the best fuel-powered vehicles. However, one of the standout features of electric vehicles or even hybrid vehicles is the ability to be powered by an in-built battery. These batteries are recharged through outlets either at home or anywhere there are charging outlets. All available EVs come with a regular AC charger that can normally take the battery from 0 to 100 per cent in about 4-6 hours. But with the inclusion of fast charging, things have become extremely fast. So fast that the DC charger is capable of taking the battery from 0 to 80 per cent in a matter of 30 minutes. While charging stations are quite rare right now, the increasing popularity of EVs is sure to build that number up.


Automatic Parking

There isn’t a single driver out there that can say that they haven’t had trouble while parking their car. That’s why automatic parking was one of the most inventive and advantageous technologies created. What was started in 2006 by Lexus is now one of the most wanted technologies in the automotive world. The automatic parking feature allows the driver to almost completely park their car automatically – except for the occasional brake when the driver is requested to do so. Today, more and more car manufacturers have been including automatic parking technology in their vehicles and interested buyers have been going berserk for it. Whether you opt for an Audi, BMW, Jeep, Tesla, or any of the premium brands available, you are sure to get the automatic parking tech included in your vehicle. If you feel like any of these brands are out of your reach (financially), a used car evaluation tool can come in handy when you’re looking for a second-hand car in the market, courtesy of best Australian online casinos.


Voice Recognition

Considered one of the most advanced technological breakthroughs in the automobile industry, voice recognition has come a long way. We all saw the voice recognition feature on the Bentley in the 2009 film, 2012, and we all thought it was just fiction but this technology truly does exist. The majority of car accidents today are caused by drivers using their mobile phones while behind the wheel and this technology eliminates the need for that. Through voice recognition technology, drivers can make or receive calls, read and reply to text messages, get navigational directions, use multimedia like playing music or videos, and even start the vehicle (only a few select models). Although the technology is currently still in its development phase, the inclusion of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will improve the recognition capability.



As mentioned above, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have become major addition to the cars we drive today and that is extended even further with the inclusion of Wi-Fi hotspots inside the car itself. While car manufacturers do not advise drivers to use their smartphones, tablets, or other connected devices while driving, the Wi-Fi hotspots in the car make it easier for people to stay connected even in low-signal areas or while driving through a tunnel. When Wi-Fi-supporting cars were first advertised, it was reserved for premium or luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW but with the availability of the internet becoming so easy, the lower-end manufacturers are also including this feature in their models. No more will you have to worry about how to keep the kids distracted while you drive back home from a cake-filled birthday party – just connect your phone or tablet and let the cartoons take over.

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