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The most common things to go wrong with a car.

We all need our cars. During a blockade by farmers protesting at rising fuel costs in the early noughties the country was paralysed for a few weeks and it just goes to show how dependant we are on them to get us around. It is a wise idea to make sure that you know about the main things that can make a car breakdown. Many of these checks are included in the highway code and technically you are supposed to check them before you set off. As well as those required annually in a MOT test that you can have completed at a registered MOT Centre Gloucester such as

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  1. Running out of fuel. It is a good idea to keep the car at least at the level of a quarter of a tank of either petrol or diesel. Losing power when driving is dangerous and you could also find yourself stranded. Therefore you should pay attention to the fuel gauge. Plus, you never know when you might suddenly need the car for a journey and fuelling can take time.
  2. Tyre pressure and tread. You should regularly check your tyres as they are in many respects the weakest part of the car and they have to do all the work. With the state of the roads such as they are at the moment, with potholes and damaged pavements, tyres are under severe pressure. It’s rare to get a spare tyre now so you probably find a space saver tyre or a foam unit that will fill the tyre up so that you can drive it to the garage.
  3. Flat Battery. Most modern batteries last for the lifetime of the car but if you leave on lights or have a problem that drains it quickly then this can cause the car to not run. To avoid this it is a good idea to charge the battery at monthly intervals to make sure it is at full charge. If the battery still runs low then it is time to replace it.

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  1. Oil and water levels. The car needs to have both in the engine for it to run. Without water the radiator will be unable to cool the car and it will overheat. The same is true for the oil. Without it the engine parts will not be lubricated and this can cause serious damage inside to it.

These are simple issues that any motorist should be aware of.

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