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How to Buy a Car on Motability

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If you want a new car, you may wonder how to buy one on Motability. The scheme aims to help people with disabilities to own a car. Each customer is assigned a dedicated team who will take you through the process step by step, from choosing a car to arranging a finance agreement. Once you’ve selected your vehicle, the staff will help you choose the accessories you’d like to add to it. Once you’ve chosen your car, you’ll be delivered to your preferred dealership or leasing company, and your partner is well-known for their after-sales service.

Ex-Motability cars tend to be cheaper than equivalent non-Motability cars.

Many disabled people like the flexibility of buying a private car with a loan from the Motability scheme. They can then use their higher-rate PIP allowance to repay the loan. In addition, the scheme is often cheaper than a comparable non-Motability car. However, many people dislike the lack of value for money associated with the scheme. To make matters worse, many people complain that the cars are not as reliable as they had been believed.

The advantage of buying an ex-Motability car is that you can get it for up to 45% less than an equivalent non-Motability vehicle. These vehicles are often refurbished or have been adapted to suit the needs of disabled people. There is also no VAT on the vehicle, making it even more attractive to people with disabilities. Motability cars are typically cheaper than their non-Motability counterparts. Try to explore the Chevrolet mobility suv.

They can be adapted to suit your requirements.

Purchasing a car through Motability benefits people with disabilities who need a vehicle with specific features. The car can be altered to fit specific needs, such as access, driving, and storing mobility aids. Most vehicles on the Motability scheme are brand new and can accommodate two drivers. The car lease is renewable annually and includes insurance, servicing, maintenance, and essential adaptations. Additional costs are often covered by the Mobility component of a PIP award.

Motability can offer cars for all different kinds of disabled people. You can find a vehicle that will accommodate your needs by getting adapted to suit your disability. Many different mobility car types can be fully adapted to meet your needs. You can choose from a range of Toyota models. All Toyota models are Motability-compliant, meaning you can drive them anywhere in the UK. The company offers a dedicated team to help you choose the right one.

They require no advance payment.

The Motability scheme offers a variety of benefits to disabled people. It works by providing a discounted car lease to people with a disability who would otherwise be unable to afford a car. These benefits include flexible payment terms, no down payment, and a dedicated staff member who helps guide the customer through the entire process. The dedicated staff member allows disabled customers to choose the car of their choice, set up the financing agreement, and even select accessories. The Motability partner will deliver the vehicle to the person with a disability and provide after-sale support.

The process is simple. The first step is to find a Motability dealer. These dealers will buy your current car directly from Motability. This way, the dealer can save on transport costs and sell your car on the forecourt. Once found, they will collect your vehicle and refurbish it. The dealer will then put the car’s details on the Motability portal for potential buyers to view. If you are a car dealer find out an automotive digital marketing agency for more clients and visitors. 

They are serviced well.

As with any used car, you should thoroughly inspect the vehicle before buying it. If possible, get a professional car inspection. The RAC and AA both offer this service. Check for scratches, burns, and rust, as these can be signs of a neglected vehicle. Motability cars are also serviced well and will have been fitted with modifications for the disabled occupant. However, you should also make sure that it is adequately serviced.

The Motability Scheme provides a reminder service. The car will be sent to you 28 days before its next service date. You can also receive a reminder by email, text message, or phone call. When the service is due, you should make alternative transport arrangements. If you cannot visit the workshop, you should call or email the managing dealer to make bookings.

They can be adapted to store mobility aids.

Cars on Motability are adapted to accommodate the needs of disabled drivers. They are often equipped with additional storage space and mechanical hoists to make loading and unloading mobility aids easier. The Mobility schemes usually cover 60,000 miles per year and can accommodate up to two drivers, though the excess mileage charge is usually five pence per mile. They last around three years and end at the end of the lease contract.

Adaptations can be minor or significant depending on the needs of the individual. Mobility aid ramps, for example, can make driving more accessible or more comfortable for a person with a mobility disability. Motability also offers a telephone helpline for assistance. So whether you need a minor modification or a full-on accessibility conversion, a Motability car can be adapted to fit your needs.

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