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Some Ways to Keep your Fleet of Vehicles Running Smoothly

If you are new to running a fleet of company vehicles you will have probably noticed that there is a lot to think about! Running a fleet can be a daunting task but gets a lot easier when good systems are put in place.

The first thing to remember is that all vehicles will need regular maintenance – setting up a maintenance schedule is important as then you can ensure that you don’t have lots of vehicles all booked out at the same time. It is also good to ensure that drivers fill in daily maintenance checklists. They will be able to spot any problems with the vehicles and by getting it sorted quick you can save those problems becoming bigger.

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Of course every so often vehicle breakdowns do occur and unforeseen events happen – in this case it is good to have a contingency plan in place – in the event of a vehicle being off the road, a driver not turning up or a major traffic disruption for example.

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Planning the route of the fleet is also a crucial thing to do – it can help you with saving money on fuel. If you look for vehicle tracking companies, you will have a good way to track vehicles which will help you when it comes to planning routes, as well as finding out where drivers are so that you can let customers know how long they will be.

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