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American cars 15 typical models that we love

American cars

Ford Mustang (the great icon of the American cars industry); Hummer H2 (street version of the vehicle used by the US Army in its wars of the late 1990s); Cadillac Eldorado (the icon of the fifties), Mercury Eight (inspired by the planes that had fought in World War II) ...

6 distractions to avoid when driving

when driving

According to the National Road Safety Observatory of the USA. Between January and April of 2018, many people died in traffic accidents. The figure increased by 5.41% compared to the same period of the previous year. Distractions to avoid when driving. 760

Three advantages of having a diesel car

diesel car

Diesel" is on the way to becoming one of those taboo words that cannot be practical or even pronounced. After years of encouraging the purchase of diesel car, the industry and regulatory systems have demonized this type of fuel and plan to remove it from circulation, with more or less

Top 10: best cars with three rows of seats

best cars

Best cars with three rows of seats. The specialists of Consumer Reports have released their list of the best vehicles with three rows of seats available in the market today. It is worth noting that the models were selected based on the seats, without taking into account other key considerations

The ten best cheapest cars with an automatic box

best cheapest cars

On the list from small models to compact sedans. And different types of transmissions. And we shareten best cheapest cars with an automatic box. That idea that we Argentines like to "throw away changes" is being forgotten. The congestion of traffic that is experienced in large cities (and not so big).

How does riding larger tires in a car affect it

riding larger tires

In the case of having your next new car chosen, there is always a question: what tires to choose? This decision will initially respond to an aesthetic function, that is, how is said car with those shoes. But there is something else because the size of the tires will also