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Why does a car Oil consumption

Oil consumption

As we have told you on other occasions, the engine oil is essential for the life of the engine. It is responsible for lubricating parts such as the crankshaft, connecting rods, valves, camshafts, rings, and cylinders, which are in constant motion, rubbing against each other. A thin layer of oil

Three advantages of having a diesel car

diesel car

Diesel" is on the way to becoming one of those taboo words that cannot be practical or even pronounced. After years of encouraging the purchase of diesel car, the industry and regulatory systems have demonized this type of fuel and plan to remove it from circulation, with more or less

How does riding larger tires in a car affect it

riding larger tires

In the case of having your next new car chosen, there is always a question: what tires to choose? This decision will initially respond to an aesthetic function, that is, how is said car with those shoes. But there is something else because the size of the tires will also

How to put the clamps to start the Car

How to put the clamps to start the Car

Have you run out of battery and the car does not start? If you have wires with clips, you can fix it yourself. Your car's battery can be discharged because you have left something on (the lights, the radio or a door that is not locked) or simply that your car