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How to care for electric bike batteries

As with normal bikes, electric bikes need maintenance to ensure they run properly; in fact, care and maintenance is even more important with electric bikes, as you are dealing with a battery in addition to all the other components such as the bodywork that has been designed and created using

Campervan cooking guide

Cooking in a campervan has its limitations: space being the biggest one. However, camping has moved on from those freezing, uncomfortable days spent trying to keep dry and warm around a fire. With glamping - or posh camping - taking over from more traditional (and punishing) experiences, there’s no excuse

How conspicuity tape is used on vehicles

Reflective or reflector tape, also referred to as conspicuity tape, is required for certain vehicles. The tape, which is made from prismatic sheeting and pressure-sensitive adhesive, enables heavy trailers to be more conspicuous to other drivers. It is used to clearly mark the sides and the backs of vehicles and

Is silicone suitable for fuel hoses?

This is a common question posed to those in the hose manufacturing business, not least because silicone is considered a wonder material with a whole range of uses. Can it be used for fuel hoses? Image Credit Why is silicone the wrong choice? Unfortunately, silicone is the wrong choice for fuel hoses. Silicone

How do you Cut the Cost of Keeping your Car?

Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly complex, and the days when Sunday mornings were devoted to DIY maintenance are now a thing of the past for most drivers. Longer service intervals and an overall rise in reliability mean some motorists don't even bother having their vehicles serviced on an annual basis,

What are some of the most popular small vans?

Whether you are looking for a van that is compact and practical or simple and fun, here are the most popular small vans. Image Credit Why consider a small van? There are many practical and personal reasons for choosing a small van over their more popular medium and large counterparts. According to the

Ways to cut the cost of car ownership

Until recently driving an environmentally friendly car was not only good for the planet but also good for your bank balance. With road tax rates calculated on a sliding scale according to the amount of CO2 a vehicle produced, it was possible to choose a car that attracted no vehicle

3 Reasons That People Open A Franchise


When you think of going into business for yourself, you are probably thinking of independence and financial freedom. As such, you may naturally gravitate towards opening an independent business that you are 100 percent responsible for. While this may have many benefits associated with it, there are numerous downsides to

The most common things to go wrong with a car.

We all need our cars. During a blockade by farmers protesting at rising fuel costs in the early noughties the country was paralysed for a few weeks and it just goes to show how dependant we are on them to get us around. It is a wise idea to make